Tech Specs

Technical Specification

Minimum recommended operating pressure 1 bar
Maximum recommended operating pressure 10 bar
Rated Pressure 2.8 bar for normal trailer use
Compression tested to: (identified on the nameplate fitted to each landing leg) 25 tonnes per leg (55,000 lbs)
50 tonnes per pair (110,000 lbs)
System weights
Total weight of each complete leg set:*
PTS50 11″/280 stroke 82kg (181lbs) *Not including foot*
PTS50 10″/254 stroke 80kg (176lbs)
PTS50 US 9.5″ stroke 78kg (172lbs)
Operating temperature range Standard -20◦C to 80◦C Winter Pack -60◦C to 80◦C

The difference between the PTS50 landing gear design and older hand cranked competitive products is obvious right from the first glance: there is no crank! The gearing mechanism, an integral part of the cranked leg has been replaced by a pneumatic cylinder, this removes the components most susceptible to abuse and alleviates the need to lubricate the gearing to protect it from water intrusion, a very damaging element to the traditional design. Our PTS50 designed cylinders are sealed, self lubricating and require no maintenance.