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“Prime Transport Solutions Ltd. Successfully appoints Executive Vice President, North America”

Prime Transport Solutions Ltd. is expanding in North America with the appointment of  Simon E. Bois as Executive Vice President, North America.


Bois’ comes from the grass-roots of transport business.  Several Bois family members worked for the Canadian National Rail Road.  Back in 1996 Bois left a cushy white-collar government job to drive trucks across North America.  It was a boy’s dream he always wanted to experience.  “Folks thought I lost my mind when I went into trucking” Bois says.  Bois quickly identified areas in the business where he could add more value and found his career growing quite successfully.  Since, Bois has contributed to the industry by improving efficiency and quality. Bois is fluent in French and Spanish.  Married to Leslie, father to Trinity, Jade and Eric.  Bois is a motorcycle fanatic and an accomplished journalist in motorsports.  “Anything that brings me closer to horse power, I am all over it” Bois says.


“Bois was our missing link.  We needed someone we could trust and who knew the North American markets.  Bois brings an in depth knowledge of both USA and Canadian markets, trade media, government relations as well as corporate communication” said Prime Transport’s Managing Director David White.


Canadian fleets such as National Grocers Corporation of Ontario (NGCO) or USA based CR England as well as many others have benefitted from Bois expertise.  “In the spearheading of our ongoing national fleet re-branding involving several hundreds of vehicles, your expertise and hands-on approach became clear benefits from multi-level and multi-functional standpoints.” said Craig Hutchison, Senior VP Marketing at Loblaw (Canada’s largest grocery chain and division of NGCO)


“There is no denying my success is a direct result of the people who have been behind me.  For the past 18 years I successfully focused on raising the bar so my clients could improve productivity.  After I did my due diligence on Prime Transport Solutions the product and the people, it became evident I was looking at a technology that will help the North American transport community reach higher levels of efficiency.” said Bois.  According to Bois, Bois was already getting an overwhelming response about the product during his due diligence process.  “Once I established the genuine potential value proposition, I just had to ensure Prime Transport people were people my established network could trust before I associated my name with this phenomenal adventure.  It is big business but it is a small community based on trust here.” – Bois

For info worldwide(excl North America):

Nick Thorpe

T Eire: +353 (0)1 239 3266  /  T UK: +44 (0)1942 260510

M: +44 (0)7834 236591  /

For info in North America:

Simon E. Bois

Land: 813-855-5554  /  Mobile: 727-288-8145

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