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Another accolade for Prime Transport Solutions – published in Fleet Transport Magazine

Recent winner of the Fleet Transport Safety Award, the PTS50 pneumatic trailer leg from Prime Transport Solutions (PTS), has been named as one of North America’s ‘Top 20 Products’ for 2015.

As reported by Global Trailer, the PTS50 product was selected at the TMC event in Nashville by a panel of US Technology Management Council (TMC) fleet managers and a North American trucking magazine (HDT) for its inherent potential to improve a trucking operation’s bottom line.

According to Simon Bois of Prime Transport Solutions North America, the pneumatic landing leg replaces hand-cranked gear and promises to eliminate injuries and save time and money.

After receiving its inaugural safety award in 2015, PTS continues its efforts to increase its unit sales of the pneumatics landing leg across the United States by staging a road show that will see drivers test the product in real life.

“We’ve seen a 100 per cent buy-in at every stop so far,” Bois commented – saying the new technology would address industry issues such as driver safety, recruiting and retention, as well as maintenance, fuel consumption, productivity and carbon footprint.

Currently, the automation of the lifting and lowering process in modern landing gear is a hot topic in the US market.

The PTS50 is a pneumatic landing gear product that replaces hand-cranked gear and promises to eliminate injuries and save time and money. It uses compressed air from the tractor-trailer system to raise or lower its legs in about 5 seconds and with little physical effort by the driver. The PTS50’s two legs can support 100,000kg, and its design includes a locking pin that prevents each leg from collapsing.

Prime Transport Solutions is an Irish based company with its headquarters in Shankill, Dublin 18.

Read the original story here as published in Fleet Transport Magazine

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