Will I have to modify the trailer in order to fit this system?

No. We use the same universal mounting bracket that all existing landing legs use so the PTS50 can be used on any model/make of trailer

How strong are these legs compared to existing devices?

Each leg has a static load rating of 25 tonnes per leg (50 tonnes per set) as standard, the PTS50 is one of the most robust landing leg systems available on the market today.

What makes them stronger?

The PTS50 does not rely on a screw and nut mechanism in the same way as traditional landing legs do, each leg is supported by an over-engineered locking pin which has been designed to take the daily abuse that landing legs are prone to.  The metal housing of the leg has been designed incorporating a 20% thickness increase over the traditional landing leg structure and finally the collar (where the lower leg meets the upper leg) has been more than doubled in size to create a 205mm long and 10mm thick protective collar to give added strength to the part of the leg that takes the most abuse.

Why are these legs safer than existing devices?

The legs are automated which means the simple push of buttons will operate the landing legs, completely taking away the physical force needed to operate cranked landing legs, eliminating musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries and  reducing the risk of accidents and injuries caused by wind handles and worn gear boxes.
Additionally, the Locking Pin can be visually inspected regularly, unlike a screw & nut inside a traditional leg, which can be worn or damaged making it prone to collapsing without prior warning making it a hazardous piece of kit.

How many pipes do I have to connect to the trailer?

We supply a T-piece with every set to allow you to simply tap in to the trailer air suspension line with 1 x cut or alternatively directly from trailers air tanks. We comply with safety at every point, and the PTS50 will not interfere with the braking system.

What is the warranty?

There is a 5 year warranty on the steel works (not paint work) and a 5 year warranty on the pneumatic cylinders and valves . We are confident we can keep you on the road and spare parts are readily available. Each leg only has 2 moving parts per leg therefore the system can offer many years of reliable support.

Once fitted to the trailer how difficult are the legs to service or maintain?

The PTS50 legs can be inspected and maintained whilst still fitted to the trailer and the locking pin can be visually inspected without stripping the legs down. All the cylinders are pre-greased in the cylinder housing making them self lubricating each time they are extended or retracted to protect the stainless steel shaft from any exposure.

The cylinders and air fittings have been designed to work in temperatures as low as -20c.  When being operated in countries that see severe cold weather, we can supply a winter kit which consists of  an air filters for capturing any moisture that may be in the trucks air line system and an inline injectors with a Kilfrost anti-freeze solution which lubricates the whole pneumatic system (including the cylinders) extending the temperature at which the PTS50 can be operated in to -60c

How much does each leg weigh?

A standard Inside Mount leg weighs in at around 86lb (172lb per set) and a standard Outside Mount leg weighs around 41kg (82kg per set) which is a fantastic weight saving when comparing to existing cranked devices which can weigh around 120kg/264lbs per set (weights not inclusive of foot and axle).

What happens if the air supply is lost to the system?

Each leg can be operated manually with relative ease by utilising the manual override meaning no more trailers stranded at the loading bays waiting for call out technicians to get you back on the road.

What happens if one leg is accidentally damaged and has to be replaced?

The same leg is designed to fit the off-side or the near-side of the trailer unlike existing devices which need a slave leg and a driver leg . Each component in the system can be replaced meaning that you don’t have to purchase a complete new set which makes for a cost effective repair process.

What happens if the trailer is parked on uneven ground?

The pneumatic legs work in the same fashion as existing devices in that both legs raise and lower exactly the same distance. The designed steel structure is very robust and copes well with abuse. As with all types of landing legs, its the drivers responsibility to ensure the ground is suitable and the legs have lowered and locked correctly.

What options are there for foot attachments?

All versions of this system can use Standard Rockers, Wheel, Sandshoe/Skid or Flat Foot already available from all major distributors (51mm axle).

We can also provide a tailor made foot if necessary. Customers can re use JOST foot attachments in all PTS50 models.

Will I need any special tools to fit the legs to the trailer?

No. The complete system is standardised and very simple to fit with standard tools.

What happens if the Buttons are pressed when the trailer is not connected to a tractor?

The Locking Pins have been designed so that they cannot retract until the legs have been fully extended which is only possible when the trailer has been raised by the tractor unit meaning the legs can never be operated when under load.

What colour options are there?

We supply the legs in Black but can paint the legs to customers’ specification on request.

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